Transportation In Humble

Transportation In Humble

When it comes to getting around Humble or the Houston metropolitan region in general there is no secret that automobiles rule the road. It can be a shock to your system is you plan on moving here from an area that relies heavily on public transportation. There is no getting around the fact that you need to adjust to driving once you move to Humble or any suburban community around Houston.

With that said, the great thing about driving in and around Houston is that there are highways, interstates, toll roads and well laid out arterial streets that make travelling less of a hassle. Distances are relative. What seems far too many people can feel like something around the corner to a Houstonian. Let’s examine how locals get around the Humble and Houston metro areas.

Public Transportation Options

Just because public transportation is not a major way resident of Humble travel does not mean that there are zero options for you to take advantage of. METRO (Metropolitan Transit Authority) offers a Park and Ride service from the Humble area. Located at 14400 Old Humble Road, this park and ride allows you to park your vehicle in their monitored parking lot during the day and take a METRO bus into downtown. The travel time is approximately thirty-five minutes down Interstate 69 from Humble. For those of you who are new to Houston and not necessarily excited about the prospect of driving in rush hour traffic, this can be a great way for you to acclimate yourself to a new city.

Driving around Humble

Without question, driving is the most frequently utilized method of transportation in Humble. The Sam Houston Tollway/Beltway 8 is the toll road that encircles the Houston metro area. Humble is located at the northeast corner of the beltway. Accessing all points of Houston is made simple if you have a toll-tag.

Otherwise, Interstate 69 is in the middle of Humble and can take you into the city of Houston if you travel south or places like Kingwood, Porter and New Caney if you choose to travel North. It is a great advantage of living in Humble to be able to utilize the highway system for easier travel options.

FM 1960 is a major thoroughfare that travels east to west in Houston. From the Northwest side of Houston until far northeast Houston, FM 1960 connects thousands of people each day who need to get from one end of north Houston to the other. Humble is one suburban community served by FM 1960. For instance, if you would like to take a drive to Lake Houston then hop on FM 1960 and head east from Humble.

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