Transportation in Kingwood

Transportation in Kingwood

Moving to a new place means needing to learn how to get around efficiently. Kingwood, a community northeast of the city of Houston, is no different. Whether you are travelling around the Houston metropolitan area or staying mostly near home we would like to share with you some important information related to getting around Kingwood effectively.

How to Get Around Kingwood

Our discussion begins and ends with Highway 69. Highway 69 allows Kingwood residents to travel into the city of Houston for work or leisure. Cutting through the heart of east Houston and downtown Highway 69 is the main way for locals to travel into the city of Houston. A weekend trip to south Texas, Corpus Christi or the beach are done with ease using Highway 69. An expansion of the highway south of Houston near Sugar Land makes travel using the highway even easier.

Beltway 8 and the Grand Parkway are two “loops” that are close by to Kingwood. With the Grand Parkway just to the north and Beltway 8 just to the south, you will have options when travelling in and around the city of Houston. For example, accessing the major international airport of Houston, Intercontinental Airport (George H.W. Bush airport), is simple when you live in Kingwood. The airport is within ten minutes of Kingwood by travelling west on Beltway 8.

Interestingly, Kingwood is home to a business which offers residents non-emergency medical transportation in and around the Kingwood area. Care Plus Medical Transportation is a specialized transportation service in Kingwood. If you are moving to Kingwood and have elderly family coming with you then Care Plus Medical Transportation may be a business that you should investigate upon your arrival, here. If your relative could benefit from receiving transportation to their appointments and are handicapped, elderly or otherwise struggle with mobility then these folks can help.

Need to travel downtown for work but don’t want to brave the highways and byways of Houston? Then the METRO park and ride out of Kingwood is the place for you. With the park and ride, you can leave your vehicle at the monitored parking lot in Kingwood, and then ride a METRO bus downtown to your destination. The bus would pick you up in the evening at a set time and location, take you back to your vehicle and you can be on your way. A schedule, cost list and other important answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the park and ride webpage for METRO.

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