Government Resources in Midtown

Government resources in Midtown

Living in the fourth largest city in the United States means that it is important for you to be able to understand what sort of government resources are available to you in Houston. Specifically, a vibrant and growing community like Midtown has seen tremendous growth over the past generation. What was once an area of Houston that had fallen into disrepair in the mid 20th century, Midtown is now one of the most desirable places to call home in all of the Bayou City.

If you plan on calling yourself a resident of Midtown, then you should become familiar with the city of Houston and how its government is structured. The mayor of Houston, its City Controller and its 16 city council members are the decision-making body that determines policy, votes on the annual budget, and confirms the appointees of the mayor. City contracts, and all spending over $50,000 must also be approved by the city council.

We understand that you may not be moving to Houston under the best of circumstances. In fact, your divorce or child custody case may have left you in an undesirable position. Make no mistake, however, Houston is a great place to get a second chance and to start fresh. The history of our city if one of people just like you who struck out on their own to make a new beginning for themselves. If you need certain resources to get back on your feet upon moving to Midtown, here are two resources that may be of assistance to you.

The Houston Area Women’s Center serves thousands of women, children, and families each year escaping domestic violence, sexual assault or sex trafficking. This is a great resource available to people in those positions and their families. Helping survivors to transform their lives and become free from violence is what the organization promotes itself as. Preventing violence, learning how to deal with a crisis and empowering survivors of violence are the key parts to the Women’s Center and their partner’s mission to eliminate domestic violence in our city.

Finally, the Houston Area Urban League empowers communities like Midtown to be able to help its residents pursue their ambitions free of racial and other hinderances. Whether it is buying a house for the first time, finding temporary housing after a move or learning about how to improve their health, the Houston Area Urban League is a key figure in the city of Houston and midtown alike when it comes to developing economic opportunities for people from all walks of life.

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