Transportation Resources in Midtown

Transportation Resources in Midtown

Are you thinking about a move to Houston after a divorce or child custody case? Making a move to a new place for a fresh start for you and your family is a reasonable response to a trying and difficult time period like a family law case. Now that your case is in your rearview mirror moving could be exactly what you and your family need. Here is some information about moving to one of Houston’s most popular neighborhoods- Midtown. Specifically, we at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan would like to share with you some tips on how to get around Midtown from a transportation perspective.

To start with, Midtown is a neighborhood in the central part of the city directly adjacent to downtown Houston. Being located just southwest of downtown offers certain advantages and disadvantages. A key advantage is that you are in the middle of the different cultural, entertainment and economic areas of Houston. On the other hand, it can be intimidating to move from a smaller city or town to an area that as busy and bustling as Midtown. Here is what you need to know when it comes to moving here.

Midtown is separated from downtown by Interstate 45. Interstate 45 is a major interstate that separates the Houston metropolitan area in two going north and south. If you work anywhere north of downtown or even anywhere north of Houston, like Spring or The Woodlands, then you will become very familiar with Interstate 45. Going south on Interstate 45 you can access the University of Houston, Clear Lake and even Galveston for those weekend trips to the beach.

In Midtown itself the streets are laid out on a grid- much like downtown itself. Main Street in Midtown has a METRO Rail Red Line. This is a limited amount of light rail connections that can take you downtown for work and to places in Midtown, generally. METRO is the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas. Light rail can be an effective way to avoid having to get in your car each morning for work or even in the evenings when you may be interested in going out on the town.

Finally, if you work to the west of Houston in areas like the Energy Corridor the Galleria, then the best way to get to and from your place of employment is to utilize Interstate 69. Located to the south of Midtown, Interstate 69 is like Interstate 45 because it can allow you to get around the city of Houston itself but can also take you to places far and wide in Texas. Suburbs like Sugar Land and Richmond can be reached to the south by I-69. A trip north to Cleveland or Lufkin can be accomplished by hopping on I-69 and heading north.

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