Moving to River Oaks

Moving to River Oaks

River Oaks is one of the most prestigious areas in Houston. Large estates on well-manicured lots with all the ease and convenience of living “Inside the Loop.” Top notch schools, fine dining and shopping galore make River Oaks one of the most desirable locations to live in Houston. If you are moving to River Oaks after a divorce or child custody case, then allow this guide to be a place for you to begin collecting information about what it means to move to Houston and River Oaks specifically.

Where to look for housing

Online websites like Realtor.com are great for finding out the basics of a community as far as housing is concerned, both rental and properties to purchase. Additionally, a local online housing resource is HAR.com. This is a guide that focuses on Texas and Houston specifically. Realtors in Houston know to utilize HAR for up-to-date information on listings, price changes and everything in between. Although you may be more familiar with the national names in home listing websites, we recommend HAR if you are considering a move to Houston.

Purchasing a vehicle

Texas is a motor vehicle centric state. Houston, as Texas’ largest city, is no exception to that rule. We value independence and the spirit of the (somewhat congested) open road. If you are moving to Houston from a city or area where public transportation is readily available, then you may need a vehicle once you arrive in the Bayou City. As a side note- Houston offers public transportation through METRO- buses and light rail transport are available if that is something you prefer. However, if you are looking to purchase a vehicle in River Oaks then River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is a great place to begin your search. For those of you in the market for a luxury vehicle, Greenway Mercedes is in the neighborhood, as well.

Parks and Recreation

Moving to a new city when you have children at home means trying to find affordable fun- preferably outdoors. Memorial Park nestled off the 610 West Loop across from Uptown Park is just the place for you to check out when you move to Houston. Miles of hike and bike trails, playground equipment and plenty of space to bring the dog along makes Memorial Park the most well-known park in all of Houston. However, River Oaks Park and Del Monte Park are smaller recreational areas inside River Oaks itself that may appeal to you and your family if you are looking for something at a slightly smaller scale.

Learning the roads

Once you get to Houston why not take a drive and learn the lay of the land? Loop 610 encircles the city of Houston. The south and west loops are within a short drive from River Oaks. Memorial Drive, Westheimer, Kirby Drive and San Felipe Street and some of the main arterial streets in River Oaks. Interstate 10 and Highway 69 can take you downtown, out of town and everywhere in between. The traffic in Houston is notorious for being tricky to manage- but you can minimize that factor by living and working River Oaks.

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