Why can’t I get divorced tomorrow if I file today?

There is a sixty-day waiting period to get divorced in Texas. From the day that you file your divorce, at least sixty days must elapse prior to the judge signing their name to your Final Decree of Divorce. There are some exceptions to the rule associated with your spouse having been convicted of a crime involving family violence against you or someone in your household within the two years prior to your divorce having been filed. However, for most divorce filers the 60-day waiting period will apply.

Do I need to hire a lawyer around the corner from my home? Why should I consider an “outside the Loop” attorney?

There are certainly advantages to hiring an attorney who is located close to your home. However, proximity to your house isn’t the most important factor in your search for legal representation. Experience representing clients, being results oriented, and putting clients first are factors that should be at the top of your list. When you consider all the family law attorneys in Houston there is only one that checks all the boxes- inside or outside The Loop- the Law Office of Bryan Fagan. Give us a call or meet with us online to learn more about us.

I own a home from prior to my marriage. Could my spouse get it in the divorce?

Texas is a community property state which also honors separate property owned by either you or your spouse from prior to your marriage. An experienced family law attorney would tell you that it is unlikely that your spouse could end up with the house. However- it is possible that a reimbursement claim may be viable if community income was utilized to make improvements on the home or even pay down the mortgage. If you want to protect a large asset like a home, then it is essential for you to hire an experienced family law attorney?

My husband and I don’t have kids- but we have a dog; How does this impact our divorce?

There are obviously some significant (to say the least) differences between raising children and raising a dog with your spouse. In a divorce case in Texas a family court judge will not be overly concerned with the family dog one way or another. However, the attorneys with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan understand the importance Fido has in your house. We can help you create a visitation plan for your pet as well as negotiate with your spouse regarding pet insurance, costs of veterinary care and day to day essentials for your fur-baby.

You keep mentioning the term “family law attorney”- why?

When considering the importance of your divorce or child custody case you should not trust your family, your finances and your future to just anyone. By working with one of our experienced family attorneys you can rest easy knowing that we have walked beside people just like you in divorce scenarios. On top of that, look at our website. We have a team of family law attorneys which is second to none in southeast Texas. That means that there is a brain trust we can offer to you as a client which can help you achieve the goals you have for your case.

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