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Visitation Rights

Hi, my name is Ali Shah. I'm here with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan. Today, I'm going to talk to you guys about what to do when your child does not want to visit the other parent. Well, there are two cases that control. First case talks about kicking and screaming. So even if your child does not want to go, the other parent still has the right to exercise their visitation. Another case also states that if the child is in danger, or the child does not want to go, you don't have to [Inaudible 00:31] go. You can make the argument on both sides. So depending on the different circumstances, we may be able to help you by maybe filing for temporary orders or restraining orders. But most of the time, you have to allow the other parents to exercise their visitation. And there's definitely some more literature out there that you can learn about. And the best way to look is to go read one of our blogs. So make sure you visit our website at and make sure you go to the blog section and read about possession and access to find out more. Thank you.