Educational Opportunities in Harris County

Educational Opportunities in Harris County

Moving to Harris County means being able to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to better your own educational level as well as that of your children. Whether you want to complete a college degree after a divorce, start a master’s degree to get ahead in your career field or move to an area with excellent public schools, Harris County has a great deal to offer you and your family.

Beginning at the grade school level, Harris County has two of the largest school districts in Texas within it: Houston Independent School District (HISD) as well as Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD). HISD is the school district for the city of Houston and has a primarily urban population as a result. CFISD (or Cy-Fair as it is known) is a geographically large school district that has elements of an urban, suburban, and rural population attending its schools. Before moving to Harris with children we recommend performing some research on where you want to live based on the availability of public schools that meet whatever criteria are most important to you.

Magnet or charter schools are also popular in Harris County. These are public schools that receive specific funding from state and private entities alike. Often centered or focused on a specific vocational goal, charter schools have become increasingly popular in recent years. The Harmony Schools offer campuses across the Houston metropolitan region. These are tuition free schools that do not levy property taxes, but rather are funded by the State of Texas directly.

At the community college level Houston Community College and Lone Star College both offer two year and vocational degrees for students of all ages. If you do not have a college degree and are interested in earning one to make more money, advance in your career or simply to meet a goal of yours then either of these community colleges could make a lot of sense for you. Houston Community Colleges are located primarily in the inner core of Houston while Lone Star Colleges are located throughout Harris County.

Finally, if you are a parent or person who is interested in starting a four-year college degree program then Harris County is a great place for you to begin that journey. There are so many options when it comes to a traditional four-year degree path here in this county. Options are key for you to choose a program that works well for your budget and schedule. The University of Houston, Rice University, Houston Baptist University, St. Thomas University and Texas Southern University are just a few of the many four-year colleges that are in and around Harris County.

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