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During a divorce, parenting rights are a major concern – who will receive custody? What are the legal rights of each parent? In Texas, the law automatically recognizes a child’s mother as a legal parent. As the mother, you also have the right to establish paternity for the child’s father, which is crucial for securing child support.

If you feel your rights are in jeopardy, consider representation from the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC. Specializing in family law, our firm can provide the focused attention your case deserves. Attorney Bryan Fagan is a distinguished member of the Texas Bar College, an honor held by less than 10% of attorneys in Texas.

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Understanding Custody Rights for Mothers

Remember, divorce proceedings do not automatically award custody to the mother. A judge will examine each case to determine the parenting arrangement that best serves the child’s needs and interests. Complexities such as unconfirmed paternity, abuse, or high-conflict situations can affect mothers’ rights. In these scenarios, a mother may seek a protective order, which can:

Seeking a protective order can do the following:

Taking Action With Our Team

If you’re a mother facing challenges to your rights, don’t delay in seeking our Harris County family lawyer’s support. We strive for resolution through negotiation, but if necessary, are ready to represent you in court. The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC is dedicated to ensuring your rights are both recognized and protected.

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