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One of the most difficult aspects of most divorces concerns children. If a couple has children together, it can often be hard for them to agree on child custody and visitation decisions. This is why Texas law often intervenes in the case of parenting time. The Texas legislature has established children should have “frequent and continuing” contact with both parents who are able to act in their best interest and provide safe environments for them.

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Possession Orders

Most custody orders will include a standard possession order (SPO) that sets the schedule for each parent’s time with their child. Custody orders refer to parenting time as “access and possession,” known as visitation in other areas. Possession refers to the fact that you can see your child in person and decide where the child goes. Access refers to interaction with your child by phone, text, social media, or other means of communication; you can also attend their extracurricular activities and have access to medical and school records.
The SPO, therefore, sets the terms of basic visitation the noncustodial parent has with the child. It will also set the terms for how the exchanges of the child will take place, where the child will spend the holidays, and will hold special rules for parents who live more than 100 miles apart.

Guidelines for parenting time are usually dependent on the judge’s decision. He or she will be considering what is in the child’s best interest in each particular case. For children under 3 years of age, the Texas Family Code also holds the court will decide what is appropriate under the circumstances, factoring in what is best for the child without specifically codifying dates and times.

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