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Custody and child support issues are complex on their own. Add in factors like deployment and military restrictions, and it becomes even more complicated. So, how does child support work if you are an active servicemember? The answer depends on your location. If in the U.S., the court will evaluate your case and determine the amount of child support based on your income and how many children you have.

Texas calculates child support using percentages to ensure that the amount paid is fair to the child and custodial parent. For instance, the noncustodial parent of one child pays 20% of their net monthly revenue, whereas a parent of six or more children must pay no less than 40% of their monthly revenue. However, before you even get to this step, you should consult with an attorney to help you determine a child support agreement that is right for you. Call us at (281) 810-9760.

Income may change for servicemembers depending on the cost of living. Custodial parents may petition the court for more child support if they can prove a significant change in their circumstances. Living expenses, inflation, or an increase in the other parent's earnings are significant changes you can list in your petition. Texas also offers child support services to military families through programs that have resources tailored to fit servicemembers’ unique needs.


Service members preparing for deployment should not have to leave feeling uncertain as to whether they can provide for their children. Child support legal services programs around the country help divorced military families navigate child support. Texas offers helpful materials for divorced parents who have questions about child support and deployment.

The Texas Attorney General has provided a checklist with clear instructions for navigating child support during and after deployment for divorced parents. This checklist includes information about paternity and how to stay in touch with children while deployed. Parents in the military should keep in touch with the people caring for their children whether it be a caretaker or their ex-spouse. This helps the deployed parent feel as though they are still a part of their child's day-to-day life.


Children may need an adjustment period to acclimate to having visitation with their noncustodial military parent in person. It is important for divorced parents to encourage their children to take time to adjust. In the meantime, coparents should consider amendments to their current visitation and child support agreement.

The income of the military parent may also shift when they return from deployment, which affects the amount the court may order for child support. Have your case reviewed to ensure you are following updated terms that reflect your commitment to co-parenting post-deployment. You may need to modify your agreement.

Helping Servicemembers Establish, Modify, and Enforce Child Support

If you are a servicemember or co-parent with one, your Texas child support agreement will likely need adjustment over time. You need a qualified lawyer to help you navigate child support during deployment and after. Choose a legal team you can trust to provide sound legal advice backed by experience in and out of court.

If you are looking for a military child support attorney to provide personalized legal advice for your case, call the team at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC today at (281) 810-9760 or contact us online.

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