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Can Fathers Win Primary Custody? Attorney Fagan Answers in Our Father’s Rights eBook!

The belief that fathers have no chance of winning primary custody of their children is an outdated stereotype. Courts consider the best interest of the child in every child custody or divorce case, and spending time with both parents is good for every child. Studies even show that children who have lasting relationships with their fathers are more successful at school and at home.

In Texas, “custody” is a general term that applies to all the legal issues that may affect a child, not a concept you will try in court. Instead, the legal concept of conservatorship decides who the child will live with, and there is no reason children cannot live with their fathers. Mothers and fathers have equal parental rights, and our society is finally catching up with the law. If you spend quality time with your children and care for them regularly, you have a shot at winning primary conservatorship.

In our Father’s Rights eBook, Bryan Fagan discusses:

  • What factors a court considers when determining custody
  • How fathers can improve their chances of winning child custody cases
  • The importance of responding to a legal summons
  • Why you should fight for your kids
  • The “rules” of family law court
  • And more

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