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Understanding Child Support

Child support in Texas is a regular payment made by a non-custodial parent to the custodial parent for the child’s expenses. This is a way for the non-custodial parent to continue fulfilling parental responsibilities.

Defining Physical Custody in Texas

In Texas, physical custody is a key factor in determining who will pay child support. The parent with physical custody is always the recipient of child support, while the non-custodial parent (irrespective of legal custody status) is responsible for payments if mandated by the court.

Calculating Child Support in Texas

You might be wondering what the minimum amount is for child support in Texas. The courts calculate child support payments based on a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income. Your Houston child support lawyer can estimate how much the state will expect you to pay in minimum child support by doing a simple calculation.

How Child Support is Calculated in Texas

Child support calculations in Texas are based on the non-custodial parent’s income, including wages, bonuses, benefits, alimony, gifts, and other earnings. The court applies a specific percentage to this income to set the monthly child support amount:

Challenging Child Support Orders in Montgomery County, TX

Parents are permitted to pay more in child support if they wish to do so. The percentages listed above simply signify the minimum amount they can pay. Spouses have the liberty to challenge the amount (either seeking less or more) in court. In order to effectively argue this point, you will want a professional attorney focused on child support and advocating for your child’s best interests to represent you and develop a legally recognized argument on your behalf.

Want to know how to file for child support in Montgomery, TX? Whether you are seeking support or you are resisting it, The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC can help. Don’t hesitate to contact a Houston child support lawyer today for more information. They are committed to providing high-quality service for Texas couples looking to divorce.

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