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Child Custody Geographic Restrictions in Texas

When parties enter into either a divorce, child custody proceeding or modification of a prior court order the Court which has jurisdiction over the case will weigh whether or not to place a geographic ...
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The Dirty Trick of Filing for Divorce in Another City

Many of my potential clients are concerned with filing first in their Texas divorce case. Many of them have the impression that if they are not the first to file, they will be at a disadvantage in ...
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The Dirty Trick of Moving Out of State with the Kids

I have seen spouses use the trick of moving out of the state with the children very effectively to the detriment of the other spouse during a Texas divorce. However, in some cases, this move can ...
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15 Myths About Divorce in Texas

When I meet with potential new clients many of them come to me with preconceived ideas on how property is divided in a Texas Divorce. There are many myths floating around on how property is divided ...
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Texas Family Law and Divorce Strategies For Beginners

Divorce is a difficult, stressful, and life-changing experience. You need a legal team that can help you wade through the complexities of resolving your f amily law case. The attorneys at The Law ...
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Help!! My Ex-Spouse Kidnapped my Child

Each month I have a consult with at least one parent who has questions regarding their ex who has taken the kids and is refusing to return them. One the questions I get is, “How do I protect ...
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Texas Parental Relocation

As a Houston, Texas divorce lawyer I have had the opportunity to help parents with their parental relocation cases. If you are seeking to relocate with your children or you are seeking to ensure that ...
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How does summer visitation work?

When two people get divorced, frequently their visitation schedule with their child is based off of a Standard Possession Order (SPO). For parents who live within 100 miles of one another, the first ...
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Geographic Restrictions in Child Visitation Orders in Texas

Who gets to decides where the child should live? In most divorce or child custody cases, the parents are named Joint Managing Conservators of the child. This means that the parents will both have the ...
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Can a Parent remove My Child from the state of Texas or from the County or Country where I am living?

This article addresses custody issues in Texas and whether parents can move their children out of state before and after a Child Custody Order. Before a Court Order Before there is an order of the ...
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