Atascocita Transportation Resources

Atascocita Transportation Resources

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is a short 15-minute drive from Atascocita. Given the proximity as well as the high number of professionals that live in this area, it bears mentioning that air travel has slowly and steadily been making a comeback since the days of the pandemic. With air travel now being utilized more and more it is no wonder that we see Bush Airport once again as the fulcrum of statewide, national, and international travel for people living in southeast Texas.

On the southside of Houston sits Hobby Airport. Hobby is an airport that accommodates shorter, domestic travelers who mainly are flying Southwest Airlines. This is the airport that you would use to see family or friends in Denver, Chicago, or Florida. Bush is the airport that you would utilize to take a trip to Europe or to fly for work to a conference or sales meeting.

Houston METRO is the bus and light rail service provider for the city of Houston. Houston METRO has a number one goal of providing transportation that is safe and effective for Houstonians. METRO has routes in Lake Houston which is where Atascocita is located. The plan in the next few years is to expand the ridership of METRO even more by making it easier for people with disabilities to ride METRO buses.

The city of Atascocita works hard with are developers to coordinate efforts to help commuters get from point A to point B with as much ease as possible. Atascocita has an extensive and well-developed system of trails that connects various neighborhoods in the area as well as Lake Houston. While commuting to work and other places in a big city is rarely “fun”, living in Atascocita means that you have a city government that is focused on finding solutions to transportation issues and is intentional about the decisions it makes in that regard.

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