Transportation in Montgomery County

Transportation in Montgomery County

Moving to Montgomery County means becoming accustomed to how Texans get around. As you may have guessed, traveling by vehicle is the main method of transportation in Montgomery County just as it is elsewhere in Texas. The interesting thing about Montgomery County is that it is rural but developed, close by to the city but far enough away to feel like you can have some solitude. Here is what we at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan think is important for you to know when it comes to getting around Montgomery County privately or public transportation.

If you look at a map of Montgomery County, you will see three main highways and interstates that travel north to south through the area. Moving west to east those highways or interstates are Highway 249, Interstate 45 and Interstate 69. Whether you want to travel into the city of Houston, Harris County or travel north to other parts of Texas these are the best ways to accomplish that. Portions of Highway 249 are tolled but the other two are free to travel on entirely.

Moving east to west and vice versa in Montgomery County means utilizing Highways 105 and 242. Montgomery County is a large county for east Texas. If you need to travel from New Caney to Montgomery, for example, some combination of Highway 242, Interstate 45 and Highway 105 would need to be utilized. The largest cities or towns in Montgomery County are The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, and Magnolia. If you live in one area and travel in the other, then you should take the time to try different routes until you can find your “sweet spot” for traveling to and from work.

However, if you live in Montgomery County and work in Harris County then you have more options to take advantage of. In fact, Interstates 45 and 69 are the tried-and-true methods to travel south in the mornings but you will find yourself with lots of friends going bumper to bumper at those times. The Grand Parkway is a great way to travel into Harris County especially if you do not need to go downtown. This is a tolled highway that goes all the way around Harris County and into Fort Bend County south of Houston.

Finally, Montgomery County is very close to George H.W. Bush Intercontinental Airport which is located in north Harris County. If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, then you should become familiar with the Hardy Toll road which can take you into the airport from home. On the southwest side of Houston is Hobby Airport- a mainly domestic airport that caters to discount airlines like Southwest.

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