Record of Support Order

If you or your co-parent are ordered to pay child support as a result of a Texas family law case then a record of support will need to be established with the State Case Registry with the Office of the Attorney General. Instructions at the top of the form indicate that you should mail, fax or utilize the State’s web portal to complete and submit this form. Without it, the Office of the Attorney General will not be aware that a child support account needs to be set up for you and your child. Therefore, it is critical that you or your attorney submit this form to the State as quickly as possible after your family law case concludes.

The form requires you to fill out information for you and your co-parent including your names, dates of birth, home address, city, state and zip code. The names, sexes, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of your children will need to be provided. Finally, your relationship to the children who are to benefit from the child support as well as your employer information must be included, as well.

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