Request for Issuance of Income Withholding for Support

As part of a child custody or divorce case, child support may be ordered for the benefit of the children involved in your case. In the event this occurs, the most common and preferable way for child support to be paid is directly from the obligor (parent who pays child support) to the obligee (parent who receives child support). Direct payments flow through the Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division from the obligor parent’s employer.

A Wage Withholding Order must be signed by the judge and then submitted to the obligor’s employer. It will obligate the employer to withhold a certain sum of money on a regular basis for the payment of child support. However, if the Wage Withholding Order is not completed, signed and filed with the court at the end of a divorce or child custody case an alternative document may be sought in order to ensure that payment of child support occurs.

A Request for Issuance of Income Withholding for Support is that document. In it, you or your co-parent (whichever seeks to have a Wage Withholding Order issued) would request to the court that this event take place. The requesting party would specify in the form the name of the obligor’s employer and their contact information. Additionally, if their employment has changed since the time of the family law case, a new employer’s information may be listed and then forwarded to the court. If approved by the judge, notice would then be provided to the employer by service of process.

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