Transfer of Death Deed

A transfer on death deed is a simple way to transfer real estate to someone else upon your death. It does not require you to go through the probate court. The asset covered by the transfer on death deed will pass to your named beneficiary upon your death outside the probate system. When you own real property, like a house or land, and you want that property to go to someone when you die, a transfer on death deed is an appropriate mechanism to allow that to occur.

Importantly, the transfer on death deed must be signed in front of a notary public. The Transfer on death deed must be recorded with the county clerk where the property is located or where you reside prior to your death. If you fail to fulfill this step, then the transfer on death deed will be invalid.

To complete the enclosed form, you will need to enter your full name and legal description of the property. An address of the property will be necessary to add to the affidavit and any of the beneficiaries (primary and secondary), as well. Once the form is complete, please sign, date and file the deed with the county clerk. Verify that the filing was accepted and please request a file stamped copy.

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