Government Resources in Cypress

Governmental Resources in Cypress

Every one of us needs a helping hand from time to time. This can be especially true when you are new to an area. If you are a new resident of Cypress then we would like to share with you some of the resources, governmental and otherwise, available to you in your new home.

Coming off of a divorce or child custody case means that your budget has likely been stretched fairly thin of late. If you need some help with finding a new job, child-care for your little one or even furnishing a new place to live then Cypress Assistance Ministries is a local resource for people just like you. It is a faith based organization that serves individuals and families in financial crisis, the elderly and the unemployed. Their goal is to help you in the event that you need assistance and to provide you the framework that you need to get back on your feet.

Cities and counties in Texas have been fond of utilizing municipal utility districts for many years. Their purpose is to help cities, towns and residential developers to fund projects that they otherwise would not be able to. These MUDs create an independent limited government authorized to issue bonds and levy taxes for infrastructure related mainly to water and wastewater projects. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality oversees MUDs. There are dozens of MUDs in Cypress. When you move here you will need to establish an account as a homeowner with the MUD your home is located in for you to pay bills and request information, as needed.

In terms of public transportation, your options are fairly limited in Cypress. However, one service that is provided by government is through the Metropolitan Transit Authority, or METRO. METRO provides residents of Cypress with Park and Ride services through its buses. Morning and evening services are provided from Cypress to the Northwest Transit Center in downtown Houston. If you will be working downtown but want to live in Cypress the park and ride option would be ideal for you. Simply drive to the “park” location in Cypress and leave your vehicle in their monitored lot each day. “Ride” a METRO bus downtown for work and then take the bus back home to your vehicle each evening.

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