Moving to West University Place

Moving to West University Place

Known locally as “West University” or simply “West U”, West University Place is a city inside of a city. West U is an affluent and prestigious area to call home but maintains a sense of small-town charm that you would expect in a more rural area. Even though West U is located completely within the fourth largest city in the United States, it has its own distinct culture and atmosphere for residents and visitors alike to take in.

Within the 610 Loop of Houston there are a great many desirable locations to call home. However, in being so close to everything that Houston has to offer it can be easy to feel a bit lost or overwhelmed. One of the advantages to living in West U is that the pace of the city is slower, and the community feel is all around you. Whether you are moving here as a professional, retiree or someone just starting in their career field, West U has a lot to offer.

Traffic is minimal in West U which is a rarity for a metropolitan area known for its vehicle traffic. There are only a few major roads in West U such as Braeswood, Holcombe and Buffalo Speedway so unless you are driving around peak traffic times it can feel like you are in a much more secluded area than you really are.

When it comes to proximity to fun and recreation, Rice Village is a short drive or walk away from. With shops, restaurants, art galleries and more you can spend a day enjoying yourself at Rice Village and barely scratch the surface of what there is to take in. The Museum District, Houston Zoo and other cultural activities are a short drive from home, as well.

Given its location and the real estate values in the area, coming to pay a visit to West U before you move in is a great idea. Take a drive along its streets (mainly named after prestigious colleges around the United States) and learn a little about the lay of the land, so to speak. You will be able to make a better decision about where you and your family should move once you arrive in West U.

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