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This is a child custody modification. My two sons at the time wanted to move down here. This was probably three years ago or so. So I started the process. My ex-wife didn’t want to just let them come down, so I had to get an attorney to represent me in this modification. I read up on a few reviews and just pretty much went the route of Brian Fagan’s office in order to get this taken care of because the reviews look good. Overall, the outcome was absolutely great. I couldn’t have had a better attorney. Ms. Carrie and her paralegal, Miss Alicia, they did a fantastic job on top of everything. Miss. Alicia was very informative. I could tell she had experience in Miss Carrie. She is definitely a blessing. She represented me the best that I could have asked for. Okay, So I was a little upset going into this, so I was probably a bit hard to deal with at some times, but they never lost their patience with me. Whether it was dealing with the payments, any questions I had, the staff was pretty much on top of it. If they couldn’t get me an answer at the moment, they called back within the day and helped me out as much as they could. This is from pretty much the beginning, all the way through till now. I’m ecstatic with the outcome. My children are happy. Like I said, I could not have thought of a, I didn’t go into this with high hopes, and I couldn’t ask for anything better to come of it. I would recommend y’all. There’s a few details that I would also toss out in the recommendation. Overall, I would definitely, if need be, I’d be coming back.

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