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Tell us what kind of case we handle for you.

Cynthia: A CPS case, which it shouldn’t have been so, I was referred to this law office by a family friend. And sure enough they took care of it for me in the case was dropped.

Why did you choose The Law Office of Bryan Fagan?

Cynthia: I chose the law Officer Bryan Fagan because it was initially a referral from a family friend that went through custody of family CPS custody case. And I’ve never been involved. I’ve never been in trouble never had any trouble with my children or anything. And when they say that this would they have really good attorneys that handle family law or CPS custody cases, we went, and we spoke with them in a consultation meeting, and they made me feel comfortable. They made me feel confident that they will take care of this case and they did.

How was your experience?

Cynthia: The experience was great. I had really good lawyers that were not afraid to go up to bat for me and my family. They worked hard they were very responsive, attentive. Anytime I had a question they were on it, they answered. They mainly they reached out to me more than I reached out to them. Um, you know, they were on top of everything. Even if I felt like I was on top of it, they were even more on top of it. So, it was a great experience. But the main thing was, they really will fight for you and your family. They will fight hard for you and your family, and they did for me.

Were you happy with the outcome?

Cynthia: Very, very, very happy with the outcome. Um, it was more than what I was expecting. I end up getting my case dropped early. Very quick. They they’ve really fought hard and worked hard on my case. And I was told that this is the fastest that it’s been done, from the other side of the law. They said this has been the quickest they’ve ever closed the CPS case ever. So I was very grateful and appreciative

Would you recommend us?

Cynthia: I recommend the Law Office of Bryan Fagan and most definitely for sure. 1,000% I would recommend!

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