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Why did you need to hire an attorney?

In order to get my son out of a bad situation.

Why did you choose the Law Office of Bryan Fagan?

Mutual clients referred me, and I did some research as well and was able to find Bryan’s office.

How was your experience?

I couldn’t ask for a better team. They answered any questions that I had, and I’m definitely a question asker. They were prompt on time. The entire staff was wonderful, and they’re all very nice.

How did you like working with our staff?

As I said earlier, they answered any questions that I had. It didn’t matter what the question was, how dumb I thought it was. They answered it with Grace.

Were you happy with the outcome?

I’ve got a kid who can be a kid again. He’s very involved in everything now where he wouldn’t have been having we not gotten custody of him.

Would you recommend us?

I have already been recommending it. Even though our process, I was recommending to people. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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