Checklist for Final Divorce Hearing

Especially if you are choosing to represent yourself in a Texas divorce, it pays to know what to expect ahead of time in your case. The judge to whom your case is assigned will not “go easy on you” just because you don’t have an attorney. In fact, it’s more likely that he or she will look even more closely at your case, the documents you’ve filed and whether or not you are following the divorce process correctly. Making mistakes can cost you time and money.

The checklist for final divorce hearing is an important form for you to review prior to the end of your divorce. It walks you through the requirements for the documents that must be filed prior to a final hearing. An Original Petition for Divorce must be filed by you or your spouse and an Answer must be filed by the other spouse. Filing fees or an affidavit verifying your status as indigent and unable to pay those fees must be filed, as well. An inventory that goes through all property in your case: community owned, separately owned by you and separately owned by your spouse must be filed, as well. Finally, your Final Decree of Divorce must be completed, signed and filed with the court prior to your final hearing.

Once all these steps have been completed you may come to court or have your hearing set via Zoom. In either case, both you and your spouse need to attend the hearing. Follow the steps included in this checklist and you will be on your way to a stress-free final hearing in your divorce. Please note that each court has slightly different protocols on these issues and you should check with the clerk of your court to verify that all steps are in place prior to attending your final hearing.

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