Protective Order Application Form

If you require protection from your co-parent, spouse, or partner in relation to a family law case then you may need to learn more about how to apply for a Protective Order. The enclosed form is where you begin that process. You will begin by filling out your name, address and contact information as your employment information.

Your basis for requesting the Protective Order must be completed next. It could be that you have been sexually assaulted or have been the victim of family violence. If a minor child of yours has been the victim of one of these offenses you may mark that box, as well.

Identifying information about the person from whom you are seeking protection must be listed out next. Their name, address, contact information, vehicle identification and criminal history will be critical to list out accurately. If you do not know this specific information, then you should begin to collect the answers as soon as you can.

The form asks for the most recent incident of abuse, threats, or violence as well as the most serious incidents of abuse, threats, or violence. Be prepared to fill out detailed descriptions that show the extent to which you have been victimized. Remember: the more detail you can provide, the better idea a judge can have regarding the threat of future harm. Finally, it is important for you to be honest when completing this form. When you are asked whether you have ever been arrested or convicted of assault you need to tell the truth.

In most cases, a hearing will be held regarding your application for a protective order. Your opposing party will be notified of the hearing and can attend with an attorney. Alternatively, in emergency situations you may be granted an emergency protective order but will eventually have to appear in court to have that emergency protective order converted into a protective order.

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