Request for Warrant Cancellation

The failure to pay child support in Texas may result in a judgment against you. The cancellation of a warrant may be issued if the payment was issued in error and the hold source agency or agencies consent to the warrant cancellation. The consent must be in writing and obtained on a payment-by-payment basis. Please note that cancellation must be completed, and the warrant must be released within 30 days of issuance to avoid the offset of the warrant. If the held warrant was offset before the cancellation, the paying agency must work with the Hold Source agency for the return of the funds.

Regarding Texas child support matters, a request for warrant cancellation would be used to stop payment on a warrant (check) that has been lost or damaged. The party who fills out this form must acknowledge that the warrant in question was either lost, damaged or destroyed. Additionally, if the warrant was damaged and the person completing the form has any portion of it, he or she will return it with this form to the address provided at the bottom of the form.

A stop payment will be placed on the original warrant when the Request for Warrant Cancellation is received. If the original warrant is cashed, the person who has cashed in the warrant will be responsible for any loss to the government of Texas. To this point, the party filling out the form agrees the Office of the Attorney General may recover the amount of the loss for honoring payment of the original warrant from child support collections that would otherwise be sent to the person filling out the form. Once completed the form will need to be mailed to the Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit in San Antonio or faxed to their attention.

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