Sexual Assault Protective Order Packet

Sexually based offenses are especially heinous in nature. As a result, the Texas Advocacy Project has created a Pro Se (self-represented) Sexual Assault Protective Order Packet in order to help guide you in the event that you need assistance obtaining a protective order for yourself or for your minor child. The packet is quite detailed and lengthy. However, I would like to walk you through the document on a basic level to help guide you towards how best to proceed.

A protective order is a court order that protects you from someone who
has sexually assaulted you. Sexual assault is defined under Texas law
as a circumstance where another person forced you to have sex by using
force or threatening to hurt you or someone close to you. It is possible
to have been sexually assaulted while intoxicated or incapacitated. If
you were under the age of 17, any sexual contact between you and a person
over the age of 18 is considered sexual assault in Texas.

The order can state that the offender shall not threat or harass you or your family, not contact you or your family, come to your place of work or your child’s school or carry a firearm. Protective Orders are free to obtain. This is important as many victims of sexual assault do not come forward out of concern regarding the cost of applying for a protective order.

The forms contained in the enclosed packet are the application for protective order, respondent information, temporary ex parte protective order and show cause order, order extending temporary ex parte sexual assault protective order as well as the protective order itself. This packet provides you with information about where to file the documents (and how) as well as tips for attending court, if necessary.

By and large, having specific information about the incidents of sexual assault, contact information for the person who assaulted you and for yourself is also important. The more specific you can be the better off you are.

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