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Grandparents Rights

Hi, this is Ali Shah with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan. Today, I want to talk to you guys about grandparents' right to petition for reasonable positions and access. So now I'd like to read a paragraph from one of our blogs that gives you guys great information about this specific subject. So here it says under Texas law, grandparents have the independent cause of action to obtain and enforce their access rights under a SAPC or Suit Affecting Parent Child relationship. If at least one biological parent or adoptive parent parents' right have not been terminated, and the parent who is a child of the grandparent is either dead, has incapacitated, has been in jail for at least three months or does not have actual or court ordered possession of or access to the child. Of course, the need for such an order arises only if a parent has denied the grandparents access. And the grandparents must also prove by the preponderance of evidence, either that the parent is unfit or that the denial of possession or access by the grandparents significantly impaired the child's physical or emotional well being. So as you can see, grandparents do have rights to petition but there are some criterias that need to be met. To find out more about grandparents rights, please read our blogs or go to our website at to find out more. Thank you.