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Cheating In A Divorce

Hello! Good Afternoon. My name is Daniel Ogbeide. I'm one of the attorneys here at the law office of Bryan Fagan. And today I'm going to discuss the issue of cheating in a divorce, as specifically when is cheating, consider adultery. Where whenever you can prove it. So alleging that my spouse has cheated is an easy thing to do. But proving it is a whole different issue. That's because adultery or cheating tend to be things that are done in secret. So they are very tough to prove. Either you hire private investigators, or follow your spouse around and actually caught in the act, or you have your spouse confess to you, or you have some kind of video proof to prove it. If someone else causes you to say, "Oh your spouse is cheating with me." That may not do it. Because all your spouse needs to do is deny it. You have the burden to prove that cheating or adultery has a cord. So therefore, to answer your question, when is cheating considered an adultery where whenever you can prove it. If you have any questions regarding any issues in the family law area, please visit our website. Thank you