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Default Judgement In Texas Divorce

Hi, my name is Ali Shah. I'm here with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan. Today, I want to discuss what a default judgment is in a Texas divorce. This is a procedural step that usually happens when you file for Texas to divorce, and when the proper service is done, the opposing party has 20 days to file an answer. If that does not happen, then the movement can always go for a default judgment. That means that anything you ask for any original petition will be granted under a default divorce. When you get a default divorce in Texas, there's always a possibility of the other party to come back and try to maybe get another hearing within three days, which is usually called a de novo or within the next 30 days, which means doing a motion for a new trial. To find out more about default divorce, please visit our website at or be sure to read our blogs about default divorces. Thank you.