Moving to Conroe

Moving to Conroe, TX after a divorce

Going through a divorce may have had the silver lining of having you reconsider your current living arrangements. If you are in the process of moving to Conroe tx or even just considering a move, I would submit to you that moving to Conroe, TX may be one of the best decisions that you can make both for yourself and your family. The opportunities in employment, recreation, education, and starting a new life for yourself are unmatched in this, the fastest-growing city or town in Texas. Everything’s Bigger in Texas- that’s what we Texans will tell you. Conroe is proof that the biggest and best things about Texas can be found even in a small or medium-sized town.

How to get to Conroe?

Whether you are moving from far away or close by, Conroe is not difficult to get to. Texans are reliant on our vehicles for transportation. Public transportation is not prevalent in the areas north of the city of Houston. As a result, car travel is a fact of life. If you plan to visit Conroe or are moving here from someplace then you should familiarize yourself with the roads, highways, and interstates of North Harris and Montgomery Counties. Fortunately, along with the growth of the city of Conroe, the roads and highways have been expanded to accommodate all the people we have seen a move to this area.

Additionally, traveling to Conroe by plane is not difficult, either. George H.W. Bush International Airport (IAH) is located in north Harris County just a twenty-minute drive south of Conroe. This is the main airport for the city of Houston and southeast Texas. Travel south on Interstate 45 and you will be in the city of Houston before you know it. “Bush Airport” as it’s known to locals is located just west of the Interstate of the Sam Houston Tollway and John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Finally, Hobby Airport is a smaller airport located in south Houston that offers domestic flights in and out of the city of Houston regularly. This airport is busy in its own right with flights to just about all of the major American cities as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. Whether you are visiting your old stomping grounds from before your divorce or taking a weekend away with the kids to play in the sands of a Caribbean beach location, Hobby Airport is within reach of your home in Conroe. Travel south on Interstate 45 past downtown Houston and the University of Houston to find Hobby Airport.

How to find the right house or apartment for you and your family

If you are looking to rent a home or find an apartment after your divorce, Conroe is a great location to begin your search. Typically, rental prices are lower in Conroe and Montgomery County than in many parts of Harris County. Expanded inventory is causing this to become more true every day. As people move out of cities and into suburban areas as a result of the pandemic, it would seem that Conroe is uniquely situated to become the benefactor of professional people moving out of the city. Better roads, more options in dining, work, and recreation as well as growing neighborhood and apartment developments are only a few byproducts of this tendency that we have seen develop in the past 18 months or so.

Apartments in Conroe are mainly located west of Interstate 45 along major roads and highways like FM 1488 and Highway 105. Lake Conroe is a vacation and recreation destination for many families in southeast Texas. As a result, jobs that cater to vacationers abound in Conroe on top of professional services occupations, medical and education jobs as well. To accommodate those people who are seeking to find their next job or career in Montgomery County, new apartment developments have grown in these areas. If you are able, I recommend taking a weekend trip to Conroe to look for yourself.

Meanwhile, along with Conroe, areas around Magnolia, Montgomery, and The Woodlands have seen tremendous growth in the past five to ten years, as well. Rental options as far as apartments, condominiums and single-family homes abound in these areas. One of the great parts of living in Conroe is all the options available as far as apartments located around Lake Conroe. If waking up with a view of the water appeals to you, then I recommend looking into the areas west of Interstate 45 along Highway 105.

Single-family Homes in Conroe

Whether you desire a traditional, newly build neighborhood after your divorce or would like something more unique to Montgomery County, Conroe offers a diverse array of housing options at the single-family level for you and your family. A careful review of these neighborhoods is almost guaranteed to help you find something that is appealing both from their proximity to downtown Conroe, Interstate 45, and The Woodlands but also due to their affordability relative to other parts of southeast Texas and the Houston metropolitan area.

I’ll highlight two neighborhoods that may be of particular interest to you. Just north of Lake Conroe, you will find the golf course community of Bentwater. boating, tennis, golf, and other types of recreation abound within this gated community. With homes ranging in price from the low $300s to well above $1 million, you are sure to find something in your price range in this well-established community.

Meanwhile, to the south of Lake Conroe, you will find the community of April Sound. Again, if golf, quiet living, friendly neighbors, and access to the lake are appealing to you then look no further than April Sound. The neighborhood is centered around April Sound’s golf course and community center. Unique homes, a gated community feel, and the aforementioned access to Lake Conroe make this a one-of-a-kind community. It is conveniently located off Highway 105 putting you close to neighboring communities like Magnolia and Montgomery, but not far from Interstate 45 if you work in The Woodlands or Houston.

Lastly, HAR.com is a great resource if you are looking to purchase a home or are tiring to rent for a short time after your divorce. Listings on this website are focused on the city of Houston and the surrounding areas. Local real estate agents, neighborhoods and apartment developments look to HAR to list their properties knowing that it is the best resource for southeast Texans when it comes to looking for your next place to live.

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