Government Resources in Fort Bend

Government Resources in Fort Bend County

Moving to Fort Bend County means that an incredible amount of opportunity is coming your way in the form of great economic and job prospects, good schools, and a terrific number of recreational opportunities. However, anyone with a television or internet connection can tell you how hurricanes and flooding have played a major role in the lives of southeast Texans in the past decade. If you are moving to Fort Bend County here are some resources that you should be aware of.

Fort Bend County offers volunteer opportunities to help before, during and after disasters hit. Damage assessments, removing debris and other recovery efforts can be aided by people like you. Additionally, even if a disaster is not on the doorstep, you can be of assistance in times like these. Contact the Fort Bend County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to learn how to volunteer and how to get in contact with these groups if a disaster does affect you and your family.

In 2005, the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management and a group of volunteers formed the Citizens Support Team. The purpose of this team is to assist and support the Office of Emergency Management in preparing for and responding to natural disasters. You should be aware of your surroundings and have a plan for your family before a storm or natural disaster hits. When it does you will have precious little time to act.

Additionally, when it comes to law enforcement in Fort Bend County the constables serve this county in a variety of ways, both civil and criminal. From executing misdemeanor traffic warrants of arrest to neighborhood patrolling, these constables do it all in the name of serving you and your family as residents of Fort Bend County.

Additionally, a great service that the county Sheriff’s Department provides is a vacation/house watch. For a maximum of 14 days, the Sheriff’s Department will periodically send a patrol car by your home while you are away to make sure no suspicious activity is ongoing. Criminals tend to take advantage of circumstances like this so to have the law enforcement officers of Fort Bend County checking in your home, that can give you some peace of mind as you are away.

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