Transportation Resources in Galveston County

Transportation Resources in Galveston County

Being able to travel efficiently and effectively is important for everyone. Texans rely upon multiple forms of transportation daily to get to and from work, school and everywhere in between. If you are considering a move to Galveston County, then you may be curious about what forms of transportation may be available to you upon moving there. We are going to walk you (no pun intended) through some of the most important aspects of this topic so that you know what to expect when laying down roots in and around Galveston.

If you are a senior (aged 60 or older) and living in Galveston, then a program exists to help you get around town if you do not have transportation of your own. Senior centers located around Galveston are the pickup an drop off points. Planned trips for seniors that qualify can be made to and from the grocery store, post office, pharmacy, bank and local farmers markets. The vehicles/buses that are used for transport can accommodate your wheelchair or help you get on and off the bus.

Island Transit, as a part of Galveston Transportation Services, seeks to build, establish and operate a safe and effective transportation system that provides mobility for residents and visitors, alike. More than 12,000 in and around Galveston take advantage of these services each month. Fixed route services via bus are available Monday through Saturday. For those wishing to travel in downtown Galveston or the Seawall area, trolley services are also available.

On the mainland yet still in Galveston County, Texas City also has public transportation options. Connect Transit provides ADA compliant transit options for passengers who are unable to navigate or access the fixed route bus systems in that area. You can register with Connect Transit and then become eligible if you meet their requirements. Fixed routes exist throughout Texas City and the surrounding area.

Of course, most people travel via car in Galveston County just as they do across Texas. Registering your vehicle if you are moving to Galveston County from another state or even another county in Texas is important. State inspections are due yearly and are available at many different locations in Galveston County.

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