Moving to Harris County

Moving to Harris County

After a divorce or child custody case you may be looking to make a change for yourself and for your family. Moving away from what you know into a new place may be an intimidating situation for you to find yourself in. However, the Law Office of Bryan Fagan wants to help you manage a potential move by providing you with useful information about relocation in conjunction with a family law case. Whether you are moving because you found a new job in Harris County or just to get a fresh start, there are few better places to live than Harris County.

To start with, Harris County is one of the most populous counties in the entire United States. With a population of nearly five million, Harris County has more residents than many U.S. States. This should put into perspective some of the advantages and opportunities that come with moving here. Harris County is a diverse place- not only from a perspective of its population but also where in the county could call home.

The city of Houston is the county seat of Harris County and home to a large portion of its population. However, since the beginning of the pandemic the city of Houston has comprised less and less of the overall population of Harris County. This is due to people choosing to call other parts of Harris County home. The proliferation of remote, work from home and hybrid employment opportunities has broadened where people like you have chosen to live. As a result, your options have expanded in terms of where a viable place may be to live.

Surely, the city of Houston has extremely desirable places to call home. From the Heights to Midtown and into established neighborhoods like Candlelight Estates, Briar Grove and Tanglewood- Houston has many neighborhoods that are great places to live and work. Finding a place to live depends a great deal on where you will be working. However, many Houstonians choose to work in the city itself and live elsewhere in Harris County.

You should consider what sort of lifestyle appeals to you, the needs of your children as well as your budget before deciding on where to live once you move to Harris County. Whether you plan to buy a home or rent, you will have plenty of options when it comes to finding a place to live in Harris County. Be intentional about where you move and try to plan a visit here before moving, if possible. You can get a feel for certain areas much better and then make better decisions for yourself as a result.

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