Moving to Midtown

Moving to Midtown

Making the decision to pick up and move to a new place can be exciting. At the same time, the decision to change the place you call home can be a challenge. Where to move? What neighborhoods should you consider in the new city? Where will you work? These are questions that people ask no matter their circumstances. If you are considering a move to Houston after a divorce, then they can be extremely critical for you find answers to- both for yourself and for your family.

One of the most popular neighborhoods in all of Houston is Midtown. Midtown was once an area made up almost entirely of Victorian mansions in the 19th century. However, like many other urban areas across our county, Midtown became a shell of its former self in the mid 20th century. A push to move to suburban areas and the undesirability at that time of city dwelling caused a significant decline in the neighborhood of Midtown.

However, at the close of the 20th century the city of Houston reinvested a great deal of money into Midtown and shortly thereafter the results of that investment began to show. Midtown is now one of the most attractive places to call home of anywhere in Houston. New restaurants, shops and businesses of all kinds have been opening in Midtown over the past quarter century.

If you are looking to purchase or rent a home in Midtown, then the website HAR.com is where you need to conduct your search. This website is the best resource around for locating the next place for you to call home. Whether it’s a studio apartment, loft, townhome, or single-family home, HAR is a Houston focused real estate website that will help you locate a great place and can even refer you to a realtor that can help with all the details of moving.

Finally, it is worth it to look around the city before calling Midtown home. Arriving in Houston by plane means becoming familiar with Houston’s two main airports: Hobby and Bush Intercontinental. Hobby caters to mainly domestic travel while George H.W. Bush Airport is, as its name suggests, an international airport which also handles a substantial amount of domestic travel. Hobby Airport is closer to Midtown while Intercontinental is in the north-central area of Houston approximately 15 miles from Midtown.

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