Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities in Montgomery County

North of Houston you will find Montgomery County. What used to be a largely rural area is now home to Fortune 500 companies, a growing number of small businesses as well as a boom in population. However, you can still find a great deal of tranquility and small-town charm in Montgomery County, as well. Whether you plan on calling Conroe, Montgomery, Magnolia, or The Woodlands home then you will find yourself with immense possibilities in front of you.

Educational opportunities are the forefront in terms of reasons why so many people like yourself call Montgomery County home. Both Conroe Independent School District and Montgomery Independent School District are renowned around the State of Texas as being high achieving public school districts that serve their communities with distinction. Additionally, private schools like the John Cooper School are available to those who wish to seek out a private education and the benefits associated with that.

Lone Star College is local to southeast Texas and specifically Harris and Montgomery Counties. Lone Star College offers a campus in Conroe, and “Centers” in the Woodlands and Conroe. A Center is not a full-fledged campus but offers basic classroom and other academic amenities for you, your child or whomever is interested attending school. Lone Star College offers two-year degree programs as well as vocational training at affordable rates.

When it comes to traditional four-year college degrees, Lone Star College offers those in the applied technologies, engineering, and nursing. North of Montgomery County you can attend classes at Stephen F. Austin University and Sam Houston State University. The city of Houston is home to many four-year colleges and universities which are a short drive from Montgomery County. Rice University, the University of Houston, Texas Southern University and Houston Baptist University are proud to call Houston home.

Whatever goals you have when it comes to education, Montgomery County is a great place to further those goals for you and your children. Moving after a divorce or child custody case can be difficult but landing on your feet in a great place like Montgomery. County is a goal worth striving for. To learn more about Montgomery County why not schedule a trip north of Houston to see why so many people are flocking to this area?

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