Government Resources in Montgomery County

Government resources in Montgomery County

When it comes to utilities for homeowners, Montgomery County is served by several Municipal Utility Districts or MUDs. Many people who move to southeast Texas, including Montgomery County, have questions about MUDs. If you are moving here from a big city in another part of the country, then all of your utilities may have come through the city where you lived. It is like that in Houston, for example. However, in suburban and rural areas in southeast Texas MUDs tend to provide many of the utility services that we have come to rely upon. Drinking water, wastewater, sewage and drainage are all provided by MUDs.

AEP Energy is an electricity provider you can choose when living in Montgomery County. They even offer green electricity plans that take advantage of wind and solar power that you may avail yourself of. The website findenergy.com is a great resource that compares dozens of electricity providers in Montgomery County and breaks the costs down based on residential rate in terms of cents and an average residential bill. When every dollar counts for your family you can never be too diligent about tracking your spending.

When it comes to Social Security resources then there is a field office located right in the heart of Montgomery County. The office location is in Conroe, TX. The address for that office is 600 Sgt. Ed Holcomb Blvd. North, Conroe, TX 77304. This is a field office where you can contact them for questions about your Social Security benefits- including retirement and disability.

Also of importance for Montgomery County residents is the location of the Veterans Administration Clinic. Did you know that more veterans call Texas home than any other state? Many thousands of veterans call Montgomery County home due to its friendly atmosphere, vast number of jobs and affordable living. The Conroe VA Clinic cares for veterans from across the county. It is located at 690 S. Loop 336 W, Conroe, TX 77304.

Remember to update your voter registration when you move. Even if you are moving only a short distance it likely means that some aspect of your voting choices will change. School district, city-wide elections, state and federal representatives and the list goes on. VoteTexas.org is a great place to do that. You can even update your voter registration at the polling place in the next election cycle although you will not be able to vote at that time.

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