Who makes the decisions in a divorce case- the attorney or me?

Many people hesitate to hire an attorney in their divorce case due to concerns regarding their ability to maintain control over the decisions made. When you make a commitment to hire the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, we want you to know that our attorneys act as advisors, advocates, and confidants. What we do not act as are decision makers in your case. Ultimately, your divorce impacts you and your family primarily. We aim to educate and inform you while providing guidance. The decisions made in your case will be made by you.

This is sort of a trick question! It is not necessary to hire an attorney for your divorce or child custody case in that the Texas Family Code and the family courts of Texas do not require you to have an attorney representing you. However, you can stand to benefit a great deal by having a lawyer by your side to provide you with guidance, information and generally walk beside you through the minutiae of a family case. Hiring an attorney, a good one, is a short-term investment into your long-term future.

Do all attorneys work on family cases like divorces and child custody cases?

No. In fact, most attorneys do not handle the types of cases that the Law Office of Bryan Fagan does. Family cases are a specific subset of legal cases that relate to the Texas Family Code and family relations generally. Like any other area of the law, family law has its specific quirks and processes that our attorneys know better than others because we work with clients and advocate for them more frequently and with better results than do other lawyers. Hiring our attorneys and support staff means that you will hit the ground running in your family law case.

Why do attorneys charge so much money for representation?

Many lawyers DO charge a lot of money to represent clients in legal cases. The trouble, as least when it comes to hiring a lawyer, is that you can’t judge a lawyer based on how much they bill per hour. The best attorney for your case may be a bargain compared to an attorney across town who charges the metaphorical arm and leg. How does the Law Office of Bryan Fagan approach this subject? We work with clients across the economic spectrum to provide quality and affordable legal representation. We are happy to provide you with former clients of ours who would be happy to talk to you about their experience working with our attorneys and staff.

How do family law attorneys charge clients for representation?

The Law Office of Bryan Fagan charges an up-front retainer fee to secure representation on your behalf. This means that once you pay your retainer you have retained our services for you and your case. Next, we will work with you to get set up on a payment plan where each month our office will bill you a certain amount of money. Additional retainers may be needed for a trial, for example, due to the number of hours needed to commit to preparing for trial and actually attending the trial and advocating on your behalf. We aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to helping you understand what it means to hire our attorneys. Questions can be addressed to our financial ambassadors and attorneys before, during and after a free of charge consultation with our office.

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