Medical Resources in River Oaks

Medical Resources in River Oaks

The medical care that you as a resident of River Oaks have access to is second to none in Texas. If you have recently moved to River Oaks after a divorce or child custody case then one of the first concerns on your mind upon arriving in Houston may be finding a primary care doctor for your children and yourself. Fortunately, in addition to many private practice doctors in this area, there are larger practice groups that provide primary care services and community health resources for River Oaks residents.

Kelsey Seybold Clinic is a convenient drive for residents of River Oaks. Not only are there numerous Kelsey Seybold locations within a short ride from your home but you will have the ability to tap into their network of multispecialty care centers, their cancer center as well as multiple surgical centers. Primary care doctors are just a phone call away for both you and your children. In Houston, you can trust that the name Kelsey Seybold is well respected and can provide you with a level of care that you would come to expect in a city like Houston.

In recent years, urgent care facilities have gained prominence for their flexible hours as well as their ability to cater to the needs of their patients. If you need an x-ray, prescription or a band-aid for your young child then an urgent care facility can be of great assistance to you and your family. Fortunately, River Oaks is home to multiple well regarded urgent care centers. River Oaks Emergency Room, River Oaks Urgent Care and CareNow Urgent Care are just a handful of the clinics that you have at your fingertips on the southwest side of Houston.

Finally, the Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world and is located just a few miles from your home in River Oaks. It would make sense, therefore, that the world’s largest children’s hospital as well as the world’s largest cancer hospital are located in the Texas Medical Center. With over 9,200 patient beds and 180,000 annual surgeries performed, the Texas Medical Center is one of the greatest resource that we as Houstonians have boast of. No wonder why people from all over the globe travel to Houston every year to avail themselves to this type of care.

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