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The case that I had it was a child custody case and it was kind of complicated
because it involved both Texas and Colorado. And so in itself it was kind
of sticky because of the fact that, you know, got two states and many
counties involved. So it made it a very difficult case. The reason I had
to hire an attorney was the fact that there was paperwork involved that
I of course didn’t have the capabilities of handling because I’m a civil
engineer but I’m not an attorney. And it takes legal ease to handle the
documentation that goes to the court itself. When we were, I was handling
it up to a point and when the judge said, Well I’ll sign your pleading
and I said, I don’t have a pleading, I’m sorry <laugh>. She said,
Well I’ll sign off on the case and let you go if you have a pleading that
I could sign on. Well again, that expertise is something that’s out of
my department so I decided to go ahead and get an attorney to take care
of that for me. The reason that I chose Bryan Fagan as my attorney was
I, first off I asked a number of people, I have nieces and nephews and
stuff like that who are attorneys, but not particularly in Texas. This
case required a Texas attorney because it was held in Harris County.

The first thing I looked for was a consultation because it’s just like
going out and buying a new car. I mean, you wouldn’t really buy a car
necessarily unless you go and look at it and open the door and sit in
the seat and maybe even test drive it. And I feel the same way with attorneys.
I mean, I’d like to know if they get what I’m saying to see if they can
help. Because not all attorneys are the same, not all firms are the same.
But what impressed me was when I looked in there and I saw that Bryan
Fagan was free, it was a free consultation. And again, I’m a firm believer
in talking through it to understand, are you guys a good fit for me or
can you handle my case the way I need it handled. So I went right past
all the other ones that were charging fees and maybe they will understand
in the future that they ought to stop that because they’re hurting themselves,
the way I look at it. The second reason was when I did make the call,
I was set up with a gentleman named Jeffrey and I apologize. I don’t remember
his last name right off the top of my head, but he actually did the original
consult and he was extremely good, very definitive and he was very knowledgeable.
He just made us feel at ease that, oh yeah, we can handle that. This is
how we would do it. So it just gave me that good feeling that yes, that
these people can, they’re on the ball, they know what they’re doing, they
know the law, they can handle it.

And believe me, I’ve talked to a couple different attorneys down there
that were supposedly, well pretty good I guess, but when they wanted to
charge me like $20,000 to talk to them, I said, I don’t think so. I’m
not gonna hit you guys. Those guys are just cutting the way I look at
it. They’re just cutting the general public right out.

The experience was good. I mean I worked with a number of people there,
but one in particular, Kiara Spicer was the gal that handle the majority
of what I needed to get done. And I think there was a misunderstanding
at the very first part. But like I said, this case was complicated and
I think some of the people that hadn’t talked to me to understand what
I needed out of it were trying to go a different direction. And when I
talked to Kira and I said no, I needed to go this way because this judge
is very finicky and I don’t wanna get in there and rub her the wrong way.
I said, That just hurts the case, so please do it this way. And she was
very accommodating and very professional about it. I mean when she got
done with that document, we looked at it a couple times and went back
and forth, this is what you should do. And I looked at it and said, Yeah,
that’s what I need.

And so the thing about what she had done was that not only did she handle
that, but she went ahead and filed it for me. So when I had the hearing
on Tuesday, it was pretty cut and dry and it was the following Tuesday
that she actually was working on it on a Saturday, which to me is kudos
to her because a lot of people don’t want to go that extra mile and she
did. And that coming in on a Saturday to work, and I mean I’m a civil
engineer and I did the same thing, you know, just do what you have to
do to get the job done. But not only that, but she even followed up afterwards
and actually sent me information that I didn’t have or that the court
came out with that I didn’t even have.

So again, I appreciate that a lot because again, that’s not my field, that’s
not my forte. And she actually went that extra mile to take care of it.
So yeah, I’m very impressed with you guys and definitely particularly
give her high ratings because she actually went that extra mile to help me.

Working with your staff was good. I mean they were for the most part, very
responsive. And like I say, Kiara went that extra mile and it just impressed
me beyond belief. And also it was a nice touch was that Bryan Fagan called
me himself. How’s it going? Are you getting taken care of? I mean I was
pleasantly surprised to tell you the truth because I mean a lot of the
guys are that own firms like that are way too busy to talk to the clients.

And I was impressed that to me that shows that he cares. It shows that
he wants it to work and is willing to go that extra mile himself to ensure
that his staff does it. And he said, Please give me a call later and give
me an evaluation or just let me know how it went and let me know what
you think. And so I did.

I called him the other day and I told him basically what I’m saying now,
and I said yes if I had to do it all over again, I’d do the same thing
and go the same route. I would not even hesitate now.

I would recommend Bryan Fagan’s firm again. I was impressed by how it was
done. It’s a service okay and when you perform that service and perform
it well and you give somebody that good feeling, the client the good feeling
like me, and it gets done the way it needs to get done properly. And then
you have the follow up when, like I say, when Bryan called me up and asked
me how everything was going, I was really super impressed.

I think, I mean those are the kinds of things that firms, a good law firm
should do and continue to do. I mean, definitely would never hesitate.
And I told him that as well. I said, Yeah, if anything ever happened and
I could refer you, I definitely would because I like the way it turned
out. I like the way you handled it and I liked the people there, so very

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