Understanding the Attorney-Client Relationship

At the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, we value the trust you place in us when you hire us to handle your family law case. We understand the significance of this trust and take our responsibility to represent you with diligence and skill seriously.

How Our Office Functions

Our attorneys and support staff, including paralegals, legal assistants, and client relations personnel, work collaboratively as a team. Just like in any workplace, teamwork enhances productivity. When you hire us, you will find hourly billing rates for each team member in our contract. While attorneys typically charge more per hour due to their expertise, our entire team operates professionally and skillfully.

Client Responsibilities

While your attorney will be your primary point of contact, you will also interact with our staff. Regular communication between our team and you is vital, especially during the initial phases of your case. We will request information and set up hearings or mediations, involving phone calls and emails between our staff and you. We appreciate your patience when corresponding with our staff, as they work diligently to assist you and your family.

Your Role as a Client

You are in control of your case‘s direction, even though your attorney at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan will handle negotiations, documentation, and court representation. Think of it this way: you drive the car, and your attorney navigates. Stay informed about your case, as your attorney will contact you to discuss any updates and ensure you understand their implications. If it’s challenging to reach you during business hours, discuss a scheduled weekly check-in with your attorney.

Truthfulness Is Key

Honesty is paramount. Failing to be entirely truthful can severely harm your case. Much of the information in your family law case may be personal, but concealing facts can damage your credibility and harm your case. This is especially critical if you testify in court. Never assume or guess answers, as telling the truth is essential, even if it doesn’t seem beneficial. It’s better to be entirely truthful, even when the truth is uncomfortable.

Law Office of Bryan Fagan: Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible representation and help you manage your case effectively. If you have questions about our office or the attorney-client relationship, contact us today for a free consultation. We proudly represent clients across southeast Texas and are ready to assist you and your family.


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