The Dirty Divorce Trick of Getting Married Again

Being a divorce attorney has given me a front-row seat to people misbehaving, sometimes in a mercenary manner. I am not suggesting that anyone wanting to marry their ex-spouse again after a divorce has an ulterior motive or is trying to pull one over on their ex. However, depending on the facts involved in your situation, I suggest it may be prudent to slow things down, think twice about the remarriage, and consult with a family law attorney first.

Another thing to consider is that you are about to remarry the same person. A high school teacher told me two things that stuck with me to this day. Those things are:

  1. “People do not change. They just become more of who they already are.”
  2. “You can not change the crazy behavior of other people. You can only change your crazy behavior.”

For the most part, I have found those statements to be true. If you go into a relationship hoping someone will change, you are probably going to be disappointed. If you hang in there hoping their behavior that is driving you crazy will change, you will be disappointed. What you do have control over is yourself and what you do.

Marrying an Abuser for the Second Time

Our firm helped divorce a woman from a physically abusive man to her and her child. This was not the first time she had divorced this man, and the man had not suddenly changed and become abusive.

This woman had already divorced him once before for being abusive. During her first divorce, she had received:

  1. Sole custody of the child
  2. A protective order against the man because of his domestic violence

Somehow, this man had convinced her he’d changed and convinced her to move back in with him and to remarry him.

The Man Had Not Changed

Protective orders are suitable for two years. This man was intelligent and waited two years before filing for divorce himself. The man could hold things together long enough for the protective order to run out before he let himself go again and started abusing this woman physically.

CPS took the side of the wife’s abuser.

The man had been planning this for a while and had called CPS on her for abuse of their child. CPS did not know their history and convinced her to sign a safety plan where her abuser would have the child.

The Wife Filed Another Protective Order and Struck Out

The wife tried to get another protective order against her husband. Unfortunately for her, the judge did not give her one. The judge did not like that the wife had married her abuser a second time. The judge also did not like that the wife had a CPS case pending against her.

Divorce for the Second Time – Wife had Lost Her Position of Strength.

Although the wife had won sole custody in her first case, she had to fight that battle for a second time all over again. When she remarried her husband, all prior custody orders and child support orders were terminated.

Standard Language in Many Divorce Decrees – Termination of Orders

The language terminating orders regarding the child is standard in many child custody orders. It generally resembles the following:

“The provisions of this decree relating to conservatorship, possession, or access terminate on the remarriage of HUSBAND to WIFE unless a nonparent or agency has been appointed a conservator of the children under chapter 153 of the Texas Family Code.”

This meant she was starting all over again. Had her husband not remarried her and had tried to gain custody of their child through a modification of the court order, he would have been fighting an uphill battle that he would most likely lose.

However, due to his remarriage to her, he was no longer coming from behind. There was no protective order against him, and he did not have to deal with the prior order that gave the woman sole custody of the child.

In fact, with CPS investigating her for child abuse, he was walking into court slightly ahead. The case had many twists and turns and a happy ending.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

However, the woman could have avoided all the problems had she not remarried this man. Another thought is to ask your attorney about removing that standard provision in a child custody order.


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