Sharing child custody during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Texas

Sharing is a concept that, in my opinion, does not come easy to most people. I think the natural tendency for most of us is to want to keep what we have and, if anything, gain more of it. When we were kids and had a slice of cake, we could do with another piece but certainly wouldn’t want to give up half of our cake so our brother or sister could have some. This isn’t to say that sharing isn’t a good thing or that maintaining what you have is a selfish tendency. However, sharing is something that, to become good at it, takes some practice.

Nowhere is this truer than concerning child custody in family law. When you and your spouse are married and living together, you naturally share parenting responsibilities. Not only did the nature of your relationship lend itself easily towards doing so, but the fact is that when you’re living in the same house with your spouse, it is easier to delegate specific rules and parenting to one parent or the other. In my own home, my wife tends to handle particular jobs while I do others. This doesn’t mean that I’m not capable of filling specific roles or that my wife isn’t either. Still, I think we naturally drift into specific responsibilities and shy away from others.

Whatever the circumstances are for you and your family, I can almost promise you that parenting has not gotten easier during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our routines and general way of life have changed dramatically due to our response to this virus. As a result, the delicate balance of