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The Divorce Process in Texas

Attorney Bryan Fagan Releases an eBook on Texas Divorces

Attorney Bryan Fagan has been busy. He has written almost 50 eBooks on various topics of family law. One of his more recent works, simply titled Divorce, gives a broad overview of how divorce works in Texas.

The book begins by explaining the difference between a contested and an uncontested divorce. Essentially, divorcing couples can agree upon details and submit them to the court. In a contested divorce, the matter will go to trial where a judge makes final decisions.

Next, the eBook breaks down the divorce process. First, someone seeks a lawyer. The lawyer will make sure that their client qualifies for divorce in Texas. This involves checking matters of residency. Next, the divorce paperwork is filed. Afterward, if both spouses are on good terms, the divorce can be fast tracked to take as few as 60 days. When the divorce is contentious and agreements cannot be reached, it then moves to trial.

As a family law professional, Mr. Fagan knows which questions divorcing couples ask most often. That’s why he included a helpful FAQ section.

The work ends with a fascinating anecdote about a Pakistani couple who moved to Texas. In Islamic tradition, a husband can say the words “I divorce you” three times to officially end a marriage. The husband had done so, and the couple moved to Texas afterward. Upon arriving in the States, the wife filed for divorce, as the two were still married according to international law. Attorney Bryan Fagan got involved in the case, and you will have to read the book for yourself to learn the entire story!

Mr. Fagan’s eBook series is not intended to be interpreted as legal advice. The books can, however, help educate you on matters of Texas family law.

At The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, family law is all we do. If you need help with a divorce, call us today at (713) 322-8987, or contact us online.

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