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Temporary Spousal Support in Texas

Let Our Houston Attorney Help You Obtain the Support You Deserve

In a Texas divorce, a family law court can order spousal maintenance (alimony payments) from one spouse to pay the other. Spousal support is designed to help the supported spouse get back on their feet once the divorce is finalized. However, sometimes a financially-dependent spouse is not able to make a living, especially if the spouse leaves the home. Fortunately, temporary spousal support can be granted.

At The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC is committed to helping you obtain the best outcome possible in your divorce case. When we discuss your divorce during our free consultation, we can help you determine whether you are eligible for temporary spousal support and how much spousal maintenance you should receive once the divorce is final.

How to Obtain Temporary Spousal Support

When a divorce involves a spouse who financially relies on the other spouse, that spouse can request a temporary support hearing as soon as the divorce is filed. While both spouses work toward a divorce agreement, temporary support can protect the welfare of the supported spouse for a short period of time. Temporary support sometimes involves one spouse paying the other directly or it entails the payment of specific expenses (i.e. mortgage, rent, utilities, car payments, etc.).

The following are the common factors a Texas judge considers when deciding on temporary spousal support:

  • The ability of the requesting spouse to support himself/herself
  • The length of the marriage
  • The lifestyle of both spouses throughout the marriage and previous financial arrangements
  • The financial needs of the requesting spouse
  • If the spouse requesting is not currently employed
  • Efforts made by the requesting spouse to obtain employment
  • Available funds after paying child support
  • The paying spouse’s financial obligations which directly benefit the requesting spouse
  • Any fault which led to the divorce
  • Any history or pattern of family violence

The supported spouse must prepare for the hearing by creating a “Financial History Statement” and gather relevant financial record which supports his/her case. An experienced lawyer can help collect the documents and facts necessary to obtain positive results.

Let Us Help You Remain Financially Supported Throughout Your Divorce

If you are worried about how you will support yourself and your children and wish to obtain temporary spousal support, our Houston family law attorney can provide experienced and skilled legal assistance. Let us help you stay on your feet and start a new chapter in your life once you are divorced.

For more information, contact us and discuss your case with our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team today.

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