Right and Duties Order

Establishing rights and duties in both you and your co-parent in relation to your children is an important responsibility of a Texas family court. These rights and duties are inherent aspects of being a parent in Texas but are specifically notated in regard to a Texas family law case.

Basic rights and duties that both you and your co-parent possess are the right to receive information from the other parent in regard to their health, education and well-being. The order also requires that you and your co-parent discuss upcoming decisions regarding these same subjects, as well.

Access to information on behalf of your children is also essential in the rights and duties order. For example you will have the right to consult with your children’s medical, dental and mental health providers and the records produced by those professionals. Consent for emergency medical, dental or surgical care is also discussed in this regard if your child is in danger. At other times feeding, clothing, disciplining and directing the moral/religious training of your children are rights and duties that each of you hold in relation to your children.

On the final page of this Rights and Duties Order you will be provided an opportunity to state your preference as to how various rights will be held between you and your co-parent. Either together as a joint effort, exclusively with you or your co-parent, independently or with another person altogether are the options for you and your spouse to consider.

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