Request for Administrative Review

If you are obligated to pay child support as a result of a Texas family law case you may contest an amount that you are stated to have owed to your co-parent in the form of a Request for Administrative Review. For example, if the Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division notifies you that they are pursuing an enforcement lawsuit against you for child support arrears you do not have to accept the amount stated in their motion for enforcement is correct. Rather, you can request a hearing before an administrative judge to contest the figure presented in their pleading.

In a Request for Administrative Review, you would be responsible for stating the grounds on which you are contesting the claimed amount of past-due child support as well as the witnesses you intend to call in support of your contention and the nature of their testimony. Any other evidence including copies of checks, correspondence between yourself and your co-parent and bank statements would need to be disclosed as well. As with many forms related to child support proceedings, the Request for Administrative Review is in the form of an affidavit and must be completed and signed in front of a notary public.

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