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Undisclosed Assets in a Texas Divorce

The Houston divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan work as hard as possible to uncover any hidden assets or money that an opposing party may be attempting to hide from one of our clients. ...
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The Dirty Trick of Spousal Spying in a Texas Divorce

Our office has had to deal with cases where one party suspects their spouse, rightly or wrongly, of having an affair. They have seen signs: staying out late at night, giving vague information about ...
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I don't want to Stay Married but I am Afraid to get Divorced in Texas

It is not uncommon for me to me with consults who inform me that their marriage is a mess, and they want to get out, but are afraid to get divorced. Sometimes they ask me if they should stay married? ...
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10 Most Popular Texas Divorce Blogs of 2016?

Good divorce advice is like an umbrella when it rains. You need it when you need it. When you do not need it, you will hardly notice it. For this reasons you may have missed some of my most popular ...
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Can I Sue My Ex for Hacking My Computer in My Texas Divorce?

It is not uncommon for a divorce client to come into my office with all kinds of printouts of emails or text messages between his or her spouse and their new lover. One of the big questions that goes ...
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Marital Torts and Divorce in Texas?

Most people are familiar with the typical issues involved in a divorce proceeding. These common matters include division of marital property and orders relating to child custody, visitation, and ...
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