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The Ins and Outs of Child Visitation in Texas

One of the most frequently disagreed on subjects by parents in divorce and child custody cases is who should be able to have the children with them and on what days of the week those visits should ...
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Child Custody Basics for Texas Parents Revisited

When parents walk into the Law Office of Bryan Fagan for a consultation with one of our family law attorneys, the subject will invariably turn to how they can maximize the amount of time that they are ...
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Child Custody Basics in Texas

I often have potential clients that come into my office wanting “custody.” Custody is a term that means different things to different people. In my experience, child custody matters can be ...
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When Can a Minor Child Weigh in on Custody Decisions in Texas?

I often have a parent ask me if, “If their 12-year-old child can decide which parent they live with?” This is one of the biggest myths in Texas child custody law. In some states, the minor ...
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Mom Versus Dad Who Gets the rights? - Custodial Rights Vs. Non-Custodial Rights in Texas

Who gets the rights to the child? In a typical Texas Divorce, the parents of a child will either agree to dividing up the rights and duties each party has or a Court will order a division for them. ...
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Texas Parental Relocation

As a Houston, Texas divorce lawyer I have had the opportunity to help parents with their parental relocation cases. If you are seeking to relocate with your children or you are seeking to ensure that ...
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